Bouquets and Brickbats

OKLAHOMA: I just read your articles, "Setting The Records Straight" and "My Position Pungently Stated," and want you to be aware of my agreement. I was recently told what you believed and I answered, "That is not my understanding of what he believes at all." I have followed your articles on this issue and had concluded your position to be exactly as you stated it in these two articles. I had concluded, accurately I hope, that your are not even fighting with the way other churches organize, but rather with men trying to force this format upon others as Scriptural necessity. I really do not see how you can be misunderstood, unless it is the desire of the misunderstander to misquote, rather than to openly argue these issues with you.

As I told you before, I carry out the organizing of a church much as Pilgrim's Hope was organized, though with a little less polish and fanfare, but I feel the format is much more influenced by tradition than by Scripture.

I also question the propriety of one congregation being in subjection to another, that is, "A Mission." I have practiced it because when starting with a group of new converts, or no group at all, and trying to build one, it seems the financial help and thus oversight is practical. However, I know God does not need "Practical," and I have wondered if it may not actually be wrong for any congregation to have authority over another one, even temporarily. I want to do things scripturally and would truly appreciate your prayers in this matter.

Even though I think you may be butting a stone wall, which I have learned is a common defense mechanism in the hearts of many brethren, I do appreciate your courage and forthrightness in dealing with the matter. May God continue to bless your ministry, giving you wisdom to select the right battles and courage to face them scripturally and charitably.

 ARKANSAS: Just a few lines to thank you for your paper . . . I have kept your articles on the Promise Keepers, along with a lot of other information. Several people have asked me for copies of the material I have collected. Several of our pastors have gotten deceived by this movement and also some B.M.A. pastors here in the state. It has not been my desire to interfere with a pastor's church but when people ask me about it, I gladly furnish them with ample information about them (PKs).

Also your articles on the beginning of a church have been very good. I passed this information to ______ at _________ where _____ and I are members (But don't get to be there much). He basically agrees with your information.

LOUISIANA: On "Setting the Record Straight" and "My Position Pungently Stated", Keep it up. You will find out that this fight will go on and on for there are those out there that would tag all that do not agree with them as one without the truth.

I have been fighting this fight for 50 years. The sad fact is Brother, they have their mind set and no amount of Scripture will change it. They do not study, nor do they wish to. They will not read Acts 13, that is, read it as it speaks for it would not agree with them.

So fight on, Dear Brother, fight on. Stand fast. The Lord knows who stands right.

Yes, on the Promise Keepers. Right on!!

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Friday, March 04, 2011


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