Bouquets and Brickbats

OKLAHOMA: These negative attacks against you for your stand against Promise Keepers are amazing. Seem as though our so-called Protestant brothers have only been reformed in their beliefs. Maybe they need to examine their heart if it has been truly regenerated, changed from stone to flesh. Blindly accepting what the majority of ecumenical Christianity offers from the P.K. movement is a scary thought. Do they ever consider the heart is deceitful and desperately wicked- who can know it. Their high doctrine is one endless story-telling and pyscho-babbling. Where is the love for the truth as set forth in God's holy writ? Keep pressing on.

NEW MEXICO: Really enjoyed the last issue. The letter from Jack Duplechain was very, very appropriate. There aren't very many of "us" in New Mexico but we are well represented in the GP & P.

TEXAS: I support you in your opposition to the Promise Keepers. It is an evil, ecumenical organization.

GEORGIA: May I offer a few comments about Baptist popes? Surely you speak the truth when you infer that there are men who travel far and wide to interfere with other churches. Someone told me years ago that the mark of a false teacher is that he desires a following. But these minipopes could never do anything unless spineless churchmen permitted them. What sort of pastor would even want to associate with one of these popes. I have confronted a modern day Diotrephes several times in my ministry. I have been quick to remind them that I do not ever mind being swallowed by a whale but I despise being nibbled to death by a bunch of minnows. Anyone who knows the slightest bit of church truth is aware that Christ Jesus is the one who places the candlestick in His churches. And HE is the only one who can remove it. We all know of churches which were started by the letter of accepted orthodoxy but they have ceased to exist. What happened? Either Christ removed the candle stick or else it was never placed there to begin with. Sometimes out of necessity a church was organized by baptized people from different New Testament assemblies. Because of various and sundry reasons, no "mother church" was present to extend an arm. Yet Christ placed His candle stick in these places, souls were saved, people learned the truth about grace and Christian living on a practical level. A.C. Dayton used the analogy of Adam and a true church. We know we are members of Adam's race because we greatly resemble our father Adam in many respects. When a church practices New Testament policy, observes the ordinances as the Apostle Paul set them in order, why should a Baptist Pope come along and disavow the assembly where Christ has placed His name and established a New Testament church which is the pillar and ground of the truth. I am curious about these popes of which you mention. Probably if the truth was known, they have 2 or 3 members over whom they can lord. They profess to be contending for the faith. Poor fellows, they are poor, blind, wretched, miserable and are in dire need of spiritual eye salve. My advice to any young fellows who want to find a Baptist Pope is this. Pastor your own church, preach the gospel to everyone you can, be a witness in your sphere of everyday influence. God will honor this effort and bless your ministry.

ALABAMA: brickbat (which probably won't be published) It's sad to see the attitude you have taken with your paper. I will start by saying that I agree with you on the promise keepers movement --- whole heartedly. But, you'll never win these brethren over by offending them week after week. You need to learn to speak the truth in love. That's an area in which you are considerably lacking. Also, you have, for the past two years, meddled in other people's business and have done little or no missionary work (of the gospel) with your paper. You are missing out on a very good opportunity. You are a troublemaker and have got a lot of people convinced that what you say is truth. You and I both know you have misrepresented Bro. ___________, Bro. ___________, and now, even Bro. _________. I have spoken with Bro. __________, and Bro. __________ and asked them if what you say is true. Bro. ________ said you totally turned around what he said. All three brethren believe in church authority. Isn't that really what you deny? The church at Antioch gave Paul and Barnabas authority to go and baptize and organize. This is all the authority that was necessary and these brethren believe that. Again, I have spoken with them --- and, I know you know what they really believe. You owe them as well as your readers an apology. Why don't you concern yourself with the commission given to the church by our Lord, and, forget these arguments. You're a great debater--you know how to misrepresent. So, start debating with the lost about Christ and don't misrepresent Him. You need to learn to spend your time more wisely. I think all your readers know how you feel about church authority and the promise keepers. You needn't keep on month after month. This is meant in love, brother. I hope the Lord convicts you, but, I fear, as with others, you will only be angered. That has come out in many of your articles. Your brother in Christ .......

[Editor's note: I have printed this Brickbat exactly as sent to me by this brother except that I have left out the names of the Brethren he charges me with representing. I do not know that they have charged me with that. He is charging me, not they, as far as I know. Therefore, I have no desire to print their names. I have asked this brother for proof and evidence that I have misrepresented what these brethren have written. If he produces the proof of my guilt, I will gladly retract it with a private apology to them and a public apology to the readers of this paper.]

NEW MEXICO: Another great issue of TGP&P.

WWW: Just a short note to say that I was blessed with your article on Promise Keepers , "Is This Hatred" I truly believe the church needs more men like you who are not afraid to CONTEND for the faith as delivered by the apostles. God bless you and keep up the good work.

CALIFORNIA: I thank you for your stand for The Truth. Your WebSite is a CONSTANT blessing of encouragement to me!!!

WWW: It is a shame that you do not have the faintest idea what you are talking about. The AV 1611 has been translated into hundres, if not thousands, of languages. It has been translated into other languuages almost as long as it has existed. You, Sir, are a false teacher.

NEW MEXICO: Really enjoyed the last issue. The letter from Jack Duplechain was very, very appropriate.

WWW: Good Job! I plan on showing your article to some dear friends that I know are saved. The have been fooled into following these people and organizations. Thank you so much.

From a Marine: Yet another twist in this sad controversy. I wish we could just concentrate on getting the gospel out and get over this issue. Many people turn off Christianity because of the attitudes portrayed by many Christians. I hope that someday this will just blow over. Thanks for a good article.

OUT EAST: Bro. Camp, I appreciate your views. I am a pastor that has been battling the PK movement for quite some time. I just took on a new church a few months ago, and I have several men who are PKs, though they are immature in the faith. I will continue to preach truth with the hope that these will come to see the error of the PK movement. I believe that Jesus ordained and instituted the local NT church, and He works through His Church. PK believes that the church (the same church that Jesus said the gates of hail would not prevail against it) has failed, and that God has now begun a new movement to correct the problem, and revive the men in America. I believe if God would establish another institution besides the Church, it would have been mentioned in the Bible.

My "hard-heads" are going to a PK rally this weekend in Columbia, SC. I will not go, and they just cannot understand why. They will go and get strung out emotionally, and will be "on fire" for about two weeks. Then, when they come off their emotional high, they will sink into a depression, and wonder what has happened, and why God has moved away from them. Then I will have to deal with their disappointment. I will encourage them to stay faithful and study the Word, but in their minds the only way to correct their blues will be another PK fix. And this will go on and on and on. It is and addiction. The sad truth is, they have everything they need via the local church and the precious Word of God. If our men would submit to the Word, they would see the foolishness of these false movements. Thanks for taking a stand.

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