Bouquets and Brickbats

WWW: How dare you! i used to believe that the promise keepers were this radical right-wing organization dedicated to bigotry and religious fanaticism. but then i saw your article on the internet entitled 'promise keepers: satan's latest tool of deception' and i realized that there are people in this world who are even more judgemental and narrow-minded than the promise keepers. the things you said in your article about mother teresa were just appalling. the way i understand it, christianity is supposed to be about loving your neighbour, not condemning and antagonizing your neighbour. the vast majority of people in this world would disagree with you, not because we glorify the devil, but because we are morally sound enough not to believe in such trash. hatred and self-righteousness are contrary to the teachings of all the world's great religions, including christianity. people like you give christianity a bad name, just like those terrorist groups in the middle east give islam a bad name. i beleive that when jesus said "not everybody who comes to me saying 'lord, lord' will make it into the kingdom of heaven", he was referring to people like you.

[Editor’s note: I wonder what this writer would have said to Jesus when Jesus referred to the Scribes and Pharisees as hypocrites who would not escape the damnation of hell.]

MICHIGAN: I just wanted you to know that I appreciate and agree with your articles on the church. I really enjoyed the one on baptism into the body in the last issue.

MICHIGAN: We continue to enjoy the paper and agree with what you write. __________ went to Washington, D. C., to the PKs rally and was the best dad you could ask for for about three months. Now he has disappeared again.

MISSISSIPPI: I enjoyed the articles in the last issue of The Grace Proclamator and Promulgator. I am really appreciative of the articles on church organization. The article on the church of Lower Dublin was very informative. Thanks again.

FLORIDA: Upon reading the Oct. issue of your paper, one thought rings out in my mind, "satan is loving this whole mess!" You have a great opportunity, and I believe even the ability to be such a positive influence, in the live of God's people. However, you choose to take up much of your paper fighting an issue that doesn't exist! The Brethren that you "think" you are "debating," do not believe that one organized Church is "over" another organized Church. They simply believe that it takes one to "start" one. I also believe that there is no real need for me to point this out to you, because a person with your depth of knowledge must surly, already know this fact. If it is true, that you truly do know this, not only are your efforts a waist of time, they are scripturally wrong, and the paper is nothing more than waste of good trees.

One thing is for sure, our All-knowing GOD, does know the truth, and HE will be the Judge of all motives, as well as all actions.

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