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MISSOURI: I appreciate you raising the level of ecclesiastical dialogue from the "dog in heat" to the Scriptures and our faith and practice. I laughed as I read the parallel Bro Wilson was trying to make; but, saddened that the Lord's churches were equated with such a scene. I had hoped that somebody who would take on such a sacred issue as this would have had a better argument. I am sure he has learned how to be a better debater.

ILLINOIS: I’ve been reading my friends paper from you. I would like to receive it myself.

OKLAHOMA: I have been watching your Controversy with Brother Joe Wilson on the Church Authority issue. I have been very pleased and impressed with what you had to say. I think we are in basic agreement on the whole issue.

TENNESSEE: I received a copy of you GP&P from a friend and was impressed with your article on The Promise Keepers movement. Could you please send me copies of the articles beginning from October 1, 1996.

Illinois: I have been getting your paper and I want you to know I fully agree with you on the matter of church organization. Eld. Wilson admits he has no scripture to back up his position. One wonders why he does not give up the position or claim authority to add to the Holy Scriptures. That is what he is doing when he insists something is essential while admitting he has no Scripture for that thing.

TENNESSEE: I have studied the history of Landmarkism and have always considered myself to be a True Landmark Baptist. But, what Bro. Wilson is arguing is not Old Landmarkism; it is Neo-Landmarkism. Scripture does not support him, he himself being witness of that. History does not support him either. I hope you will deal with the history of some of the key churches, such as the Sandy Creek church in North Carolina which was constituted by a group of Baptists who had settled there, according to Mr. Cathcart and others.

EDITOR’S NOTE: C. H. Spurgeon said, "I became a Baptist through reading the New Testament ... especially in the Greek ... If I thought it wrong to be a Baptist, I should give it up, and become what I believed to be right. The particular doctrine adhered to by Baptists is that they acknowledge no authority unless it comes from the Word of God." Bro. Joe has admitted that he has no Scripture to back up his position that one church must, in all cases, vote to start another church. Yet, he insists it must be that way. Spurgeon was right. "The particular doctrine adhered to by Baptists is that they acknowledge no authority unless it comes from the Word of God." Since Bro. Joe admits he has no Scripture for his position, Baptists must not accept his self-authenticated ("I feel," "I think," "It just seems to me,") position as authoritative.

VIRGINIA: . I am an Old Landmarker in the sense that J. R. Graves was; I am not a Hyper-Landmarker. Graves did not strongly advocate linked-chain successionism, nor did he look upon other Baptist churches as spurious churches. He looked upon Protestant and Catholic churches as being spurious, and so do I. When we begin to demand that other Baptist churches prove their genealogy and unchurch them if they will not or cannot, we are going way beyond Scripture and Old Landmarkism as it was originally taught.

FLORIDA: I have been intending to drop you a note for some time, but have obvioiusly failed to do so.

I have truly appreciated your "conversation" with Joe Wilson. You have far more forebearance than I could ever muster.

It is astonishing to me that a man . . . has the gall to accuse those who don't carefully adhere to his self-invented rituals of committing "spiritual adultery." While I have enjoyed your debate, I don't think that I would waste my breath on such a man . . . Brother, you and I don't agree on all points, but I do appreciate your integrity.

Keep in the fight, Brother.

OKLAHOMA: Keep up the good work on the paper. We enjoy it as always.

FLORIDA: Please send my your paper. I will enjoy reading it very much from what I have heard about it.

VIRGINIA: I have read with great interest your discussion with Brother Joe Wilson about linked-chain successionism. In _____, I issued a challenge to the doctrine of linked-chain successionism through a typewritten newsletter that I published at that time called, "__________". For this, I was nearly crucified by men who hold to Joe Wilson's position. I am going to send you some of what I wrote back then.

VIRGINIA: Keep up the good work, Brother. God richly bless.

WEST VIRGINIA: I do appreciate the paper and hope you can still send it to me. May God bless you.

ALASKA: I really am enjoying the work that you are doing concerning Bro. Wilson. I think that it is so very important that we tell the truth no matter what the cost. I can see very clearly that he is like a lot of ABA people that I know. He has a lot to say but cannot seem to find the scripture that fits with what he is saying.

FLORIDA: I really like your pages on the internet, do you have other places of intrest that might help me, and since we are communicating do you have any material on Angels?

FLORIDA: Good to come across your site. I am a soverign Grace Baptist. I look for like minded God-centered sites on the net. I will note your address and look you up from time to time. I too find "It is well with my soul" one of my favorites.

AUSTRAILIA: I checked out your page. Keep up the sermons on the blood of Christ. The message of the gospel, which is the power unto salvation, is what we need to be preaching more than ever in these days of false prophets and teachers.

PHILIPPINES: I’ve read in the BBB-forum, March 97, about the Promise Keepers Movement. Elder Smith recommended your materials you published in The Grace Proclamator and Promulgator.

If it is possible, please send me your published materials, and if you have any available articles of interest and other materials you have printed like tracts and booklets, I would deeply appreciate your sending.

OREGON: We have been receiving The GP&P for a little while now and have enjoyed it immensely. It is always a pleasure to read a paper that is Sovereign Grace. The Lord has blessed me with the opportunity to give the paper to some brethren whom I know will be blessed by reading it.

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