Bouquets and Brickbats

OHIO: I have been receiving your excellent paper and am very thankful to brother Danny Allen for having requested that you send it to me. You most certainly have the gift of the Spirit through the "Pilgrims Hope Baptist Church." Brother Danny also sent me copies of the messages you preached when you held a series of meetings for the Lord’s church there at Brandon. Your messages were excellent. T. P. Simmons, my former pastor, would have thanked God for the gift that He has given you.

LOUISIANA: Those articles on gambling were very good. I know that your have received a lot of positive letters on it, but I wanted to suggest that perhaps you ought to mail both articles to your governor. I sure wish Mike Foster (our governor) could read them. He was against gambling during the campaign. I wonder if I dropped them off at the governor’s mansion if he would get them?

ARKANSAS: Just stopped by your home page after reding about it in the GP&P . . . stop by my place sometime . . . for a smorgasbord of theology, politics, and other stuff. You won’t agree with some of what’s out there, but you will be entertained.

OKLAHOMA: I support you 100% on the gambling issue.

PENNSYLVANIA: Thank you for sending me your paper, The Grace Proclamator and Promulgator.

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