Bouquets and Brickbats

ILLINOIS: I have read with interest your comments regarding Promise Keepers. Would you please include me on your additional articles regarding Promise Keepers.

TENNESSEE: Many thanks for the article on the Promise Keepers.

Please send me 10 copies of the October issue of The Grace Proclamator and Promulgator.

Every issue is a blessing.

TEXAS: I just finished reading your Part II on The Effectual Call that comes from God. I thank God, I praise his Holy Name that your paper was placed in my hands. Psa. 103:1

TENNESSEE: Beloved Wayne Camp and the beloved Saints at Pilgrims Hope. We here at Calvary do appreciate you and what you have done for us in the helping of God’s building here. We are hoping to be able to help others to get the truth out. We want to help you with the paper. We know this is not much, but we also know that a little here and there adds up.

ILLINOIS: In a Bible Conference at Harmony Baptist Church in Alton, IL, I received one of your monthly papers. I really enjoyed the different and up-to-date articles in your paper. I would like to receive one of your monthly papers for what ever the cost would be. Just send me the bill by letter. (Editor’s Note: There is no bill. We do not refuse offerings but do not solicit them either. I trust the paper will be a blessing to you.).

WASHINGTON: I was given a copy of your introductory study on the PK’s and am so thrilled with the information which you have put forth in regards to this subject. I was asked to substitute teach Sunday School hour at our church and took the liberty to read the material. Everyone was truly enlightened about the PK’s and now are aware that this truly is right out of the pit and from the angel of light disguised.

I would really appreciate it if you could put me on your e-mail-mail list or send me your monthly paper so I can keep abreast of not only this matter but others of concern today. Surely as children of God, we are to be wise as serpents but yet gentle as doves. We must know what our adversary is doing so we can expose him.

TENNESSEE: Please add this name to your mailing list to receive your paper.

LOUISIANA: Please remove my name and address from your mailing list. Your cooperation is appreciated.

CALIFORNIA: Please send me samples of your publication. Thank you. Eph. 6:24

MISSOURI: Would it be possible for me to receive your monthly paper? A friend let me read October 1, 1996, paper on The Promise Keepers. A very informative and enlightening article. I would even like to have any back issues if you have extras. Also do you have a catalog from which we can order? (No catalogs but we have added you to the mailing list and will send some back copies.)

ALABAMA: We thank you for the paper and we enjoy it very much!

OKLAHOMA: I read your excellent article on The Promise Keepers. I must say it is the best I have seen.

ARKANSAS: Your article on the Promise Keepers was the best I have read. I look forward to the rest. I sure hope you are going to expose the association of the Nazarene prophet of psychobabel, James Dobson, for his association with this heretical movement. I know he is associated with them and understand he prints some of their books for them.

TEXAS: I sure hope you will continue your exposure of the Promise Keepers and their leaders. The lead article in the October paper was excellent as are most of your messages in print.

LOUISIANA: I hope you are planning to post your articles on The Promise Keepers on the Internet. I am sending it to someone who attended.

KANSAS: May I have permission to reprint your article on Promise Keepers.

MISSISSIPPI: Your message on The Promise Keepers was deeply appreciated. I thank God there are men who are willing to research such matters and give us the necessary information to take a stand against these evangels of Satan.

MISSOURI: I’m writing in regard to a change of address. I enjoy your paper so much and I always enjoy your preaching at our conference.

TENNESSEE: Thank you, Bro. Wayne for sending me the monthly newsletter and for placing me on your mailing list . . . If you have some back issues, regardless of the year, please send me one copy of each. Again, thank you and may God be glorified as you continue to serve him.

SOUTH CAROLINA: I have received a letter and your paper from Brother _______. If it is possible I would like to be added to the mailing list. I believe this would help me to grow in the grace, knowledge and understanding.

NORTH CAROLINA: In a sea of useless information it is good to know that you have an island where some will no doubt stop. Thank you for you site on the World Wide Web.

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