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Since their recent march on Washington Promise Keepers have apparently stepped up their aggressiveness toward those who point out their errors for I have literally been peppered with letters from them. I am glad they are reading the articles on PKs. Maybe someone will profit from their study. Editor.

Loving letters from loving Promise Keepers

WWW: Repent and save yourself with the sacred blood of Jesus. It is clear from your babblings against the Promise Keepers and other Christian sects that you do not know what it means to be a true Christian.

Save Yourself, You poor, poor hellspawn

WWW: You don't seem to be using the Word well to test the spirits yourself. Also your temperament in your entire discussion is bitter. I didn't note very much scripture in your defense of your position - (which I consider an early warning signal), only in two accusatory instances at the beginning and end. I would also guess you've not attended a Promise Keepers event, which clearly qualifies you further as an expert. Good luck.

Editor’s Note: It is evident PKs have not taught these men anything about the Word of God. Maybe they taught them to trust in luck since this last one wished me "Good luck." But, I trust God, not luck!

WWW: Wow! I don't know you from Adam, but think of the impact of what you're posting on the Web. I understand "righteous indignation", but it's far better handled within the church than on international Web Sites. This is TOTALLY my opinion, and I'm not trying to make enemies, but your posting about Promise Keepers is disturbing... even if it's all 100% true. If you really do love God, and are "filled with the Holy Spirit", you'll see where I'm coming from, and if you disagree, then I respect that.

WWW: I happen to disagree with your opinions on promise keepers. If there is any way possible I would like to find out where you get your information about this. One more thing, and no matter what we are still brothers in Christ, but have you ever attended a Pks meeting, if not I urge you to at least try it out. It is amazing to me how men of every race and denomination will get together and praise the one true and living god in unity.

WWW: I'm not a Promise keeper but I stumbled on your attack of them. I am a spirit filled Christian and I know a bit about this move and I must tell you one simple thing.....if you spent the time that you took to discredit Promise keepers and used it to reach the lost and/or spend time with the Lord, you would have benefited greatly. What a waste of energy.....if Satan is moving by restoring the family and bringing thousands upon thousands of men back to Jesus Christ and establishing the word in so many lost and pathetic souls then he is more stupid than I thought. You shouldn't spend your time worrying about what that weed is doing and concentrate about what the Lord is doing in your life. God Bless you

WWW: I am not going to accuse you of anything, but I do believe you are wrong in your belief that Promise Keepers is a satanic movement . . . I also believe you are wrong in your belief that Pentecostalism is satanic. there are scriptures that back up my belief. I think that you just don't understand it and so you feel it must be satanic.

WWW: By what authority do you quote scripture (2 Cor. 6:17, Num. 16:26, Ps. 1:1, etc.) as justification for judging your fellow men. Are you not preempting God's exclusive right to render judgment?

It is neigh blasphemous to use scripture in such manner against fellow believers, merely because of their doctrinal differences. We should rejoice in our common ground (even with Roman Catholics) and those differences should foster reflection and prayerful efforts to bridge the gap. Please end your divisive commentaries and rejoin the path that Jesus taught us.

Jesus loved them, and also loves you -- if you will let him!

WWW: You write in your article, "Putting you "in remembrance of these things" is not hatred. Paul says such exposure of error is the work of "a good minister of Jesus Christ."

I want you to know that I highly disagree with your method of putting other believers down. I don't think you are doing the will of God for one minute. In fact, I believe you are doing the will of Satan. You see, It is Satan that is called the accuser of the brethren and you are doing his will. The Word of God says in Rev 12:10 And I heard a loud voice saying in heaven, Now is come salvation, and strength, and the kingdom of our God, and the power of his Christ: for the accuser of our brethren is cast down, which accused them before our God day and night.

Don't you know you will have to share heaven with these very people that you speak against. Don't think for one minute that there will be only fighting fundamentalist Baptists in heaven. It is a good thing God loves the people that disagree with you. I truly feel sorry for you and all the other Christians that are feeding on your steady diet of negative, "truth" I pray that you will see the rest of the Gospel and allow it to bring YOU to repentance.

I true believer who totally disagrees with you.

WWW: Exactly what have you given up or are you now doing to try to unify all believers that our Lord referred to in John 17? I haven't taken the time to read all of your diatribe about PK and I won't. I will say openly that I do not agree with every idea or opinion I have heard at PK rallies, but I sure have heard nothing from you or those of your persuasion, whatever that may be, to bring the body of Christ together as a body instead of many separate parts. This may sound extra-ordinary to you, but I learned to study the Lord's Word myself, allowing the Holy Spirit to help me interpret the meaning for my own under-standing. My pastor is very much a Spirit filled, God fearing, born again Christian, but my understanding and belief on some verses are not the same as his. Which one of us is the heretic? I feel you are a well intentioned brother, but you want to group others into two groups. Those that believe exactly like you, every jot and tittle, and then of course the lost. I feel sure you could pick apart Dr. Bily Graham, Max Lucado, Dr. Tony Evans, Dr. E. V. Hill and the many other Christian brothers that not only claim to be Promise Keepers but stand behind the movement 100%. I'm not sure if you are trying to make a statement against PK or Dr. Dobson, but I must say you have done yourself proud in either case. Contact some of the above mentioned pastors that you might enlighten them of their ignorance. It is your duty as an enlightened teacher to bring these other teachers out of their darkness. I will close by letting you know of a cohort of yours in Australia named R. Lister at some independent Baptist church that probably would love hearing from you. The two of you sound like you came from the same mold. Oh yes, if the Lord wills and tarries, this Friday and Saturday October 24th and 25th I will remember you in my prayers as I attend the PK rally in Dallas.

WWW: I read your WebSite on Promise Keepers being a cult. Your criticisms were all doctrinal. I can understand where you disagree with doctrines. My question: is true Christianity based on an agreement with DOCTRINES about Christ or is it based on faith in Christ as a PERSON? I think it is faith in HIM period.

Is our salvation based on our proper doctrines ABOUT Christ or is it a gift that can be given even to the theologically inept who place TRUST in HIM EVEN IF THEY CAN NOT DEFINE HIM OR SALVATION.

The reason that I ask you this is that our Protestant forefathers may have recovered the Bible DOCTRINE but Christ in the Bible saved many who could never articulate THAT doctrine and many who would have been poor theological students. It would seem that salvation by knowledge of proper theology is a gnosticism as certain as the Gnostics LIKE Valintinius who knew certain "secrets" that ordinary people like you and I do not know. Arminians may not have the security of their salvation but most of our reformed forefathers would not have denied their salvation IF THEY TRUSTED IN JESUS. Many years ago I was Arminian and became Calvinistic but I did not become a Christian when I got a better theology. Not all God's children are A students of theology.

It is my opinion that Jesus saves by grace alone through faith alone . . . and he even does it with people who do not understand that and could never articulate that...few babies can tell how the birth took place but they live alone means even alone without correct alone in Christ. You and I probably have very similar Reformed Theology..but very few Christians before the reformation and few after it would express their theology just like that...not JUST like that...but all Christians in all ages no matter what their theologies and no matter what their biblical hermeneutic and interpretation are saved by faith in the Person of Christ...I think you go too far if you judge someone outside the church if he does not hold what we consider the best theology..Judge the doctrines and stop there..that is my opinion but who am I to know the FINAL answers...I am still learning..

WWW: I just read your article lambasting Mr. Dobson and others. I have no problem with you having a problem with Dobson, or other men associated, loosely, with Promise Keepers. I do have a problem with the way you are using scripture and stretching it to meet your personal opinions. For example: The 1 Timothy 4 passage that you use to denounce the Promise Keepers, you take it out of context. The brand of Hermeneutics you use is foreign to me. You go from v. 2 and then go on to v. 6. But when I do my exegesis of this scripture I can not leave out verses 3-5. Paul is addressing just what the people are doing that is demonic. Such as forbidding people to marry and ordering them to abstain from foods. All kinds of legalistic things. The teachings that were common to the Gnostics of that time. I don't remember any Promise Keepers preaching that men are to stay away from certain foods, or forbidding them to marry. Maybe you should accuse Promise Keepers of being like what Paul describes in 2 Tim. 3 as well.

If you are going to use scripture you should make sure that you use it properly. Remember that God is going to judge those who presume to be teachers more than those who don't.

WWW: Be careful of how you judge others.

WWW: I just don't get it. My saviour spoke of Love. He didn't pistol whip the Women at the Well. He even healed people that lacked faith. I fail to see how you are deifying the Jesus of scripture. Since you are so against PK why don't you join the ranks of NOW. They have a plan to destroy PK and they have lots of resources.

WWW: Who are you and by what authority do you make such magnamous conclusions?

WWW—ARKANSAS: I am a student at Ouachita Baptist University in Arkadelphia, Arkansas. I am also a person who believes that Jesus Christ is the Son of the Living God. I believe that I can do nothing to earn my way to heaven, but that it is a gift to me by the blood of Jesus Christ on the cross. I have been a Christian for 11 years and I claim to know just a minute part of everything God wants to teach me. One thing that absolutely no one can dispute is my personal experience with Christ. I have been to two Promise Keepers Conferences. Memphis '96 and St. Louis '97.

Sir, God shows up for Promise Keepers. When men of God get on their knees and confess their sin and turn from their wicked ways, God blesses them, He heals them. (II Chronicles 7:14) Lost souls have come to know the Lord through PK, men's lives have changed. Christ is using PK in a way that no other movement has ever been used before. I have learned many important things through Promise Keepers that have enriched my spiritual life. I can attest that these things cannot be from Satan. Why would Satan support a movement that helps men of God grow, and reaches out to lost souls and escorts them into the Kingdom of God? If he supported these things, he would be intellectually stupid, and he is not that, he is smarter than you or I. I don't want to sound harsh, I just believe that you are ignorant. If you are a born again Christian, and you attend a PK Conference, I don't know how you can say it is a tool of Satan. I encourage you to attend a Conference, they are free starting in '98 and watch the men be broken y the power of God, watch them as they cry out to the Father, watch them as they seek the face of God. I appreciate your time and would love to hear from you or your church.

WWW: After reading this crap of a page you have has shown me that there are people like you who really don't have a clue as to what God wants a man to be.

You obviously don't have a good relationship with God or you wouldn't be spouting this crap. I think you should actually go to a PK conference and actually see what's going on. Oh, and by the way, bring your bible – I guarantee you'll need it!

WWW: I happened upon your "research" on the PK movement and was alternately shocked, appalled, then filled with grief because of the negativity you cast on a movement that I believe - along with so many other things—points to the end times. I know in MY heart that I will see the Son in person during his second coming before my death. I have know that for years. I also know of families that have been completely turned around as a result of the husband/father becoming involved with the PK movement. When a family is in line with the Biblical perspective that it should be, then wonderful things happen. you will have to answer individually and personally for your criticism of the PK movement - the Word of Knowledge given to someone other than yourself - so my warning to you and concern for you is irrelevant. I pity you. May you be richly blessed.

EDITORS NOTE: More loving letters next time.


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