Elder Bill Lee

Bro. Lee was born in 1946 in Columbus, Mississippi. He has been married to his wife, Janice, for thirty six years. They have one daughter, April, and two grandsons, Reed and Sam.

     With over thirty years of preaching, Bro. Lee was ordained to the gospel ministry April 17, 1977 at the age of thirty one. At that time he became pastor of the Union Grove Baptist Church of Fulton, Mississippi. Bro. Lee served here as pastor for twenty one years. During his time as pastor of Union Grove he started a radio and TV ministry reaching many people in both Mississippi and Alabama. It was also during this time that he furthered  his education, receiving degrees in both Theology and Religious Education.

     In 1997 Bro. Lee was instrumental in the start of a mission work among the Hilltribes of Northern Thailand. On that first trip, the Pa Sak Baptist church was organized. Since that time Bro. Lee and Janice have made numerous trips to Thailand.  The Lord has truly blessed this mission work far beyond anyone's expectations. At this time the work there includes more than twenty five churches in Thailand, as well as churches in both Burma and in Laos, a children's home, a Bible school for pastors, and a medical work headed by an MD from the U.S.  Bro. Lee and Bro. Wayne Camp work together almost on a daily basis on the mission work in Thailand.

     In September, 1998, Bro. Lee and his wife moved to Grenada, Mississippi where he presently serves as pastor of Central Baptist Church. The church already had a very active mission program when Bro. Lee arrived, and they readily embraced the Thailand mission work as well. In addition to his numerous trips to Thailand, Bro. Lee has also traveled to Trinidad, Jamaica, and Guyana on behalf of Central Baptist Church. He also has recently traveled to Suriname with a new church being organized there.

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